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Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

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If you have a damaged tooth, your dentist may recommend you get a crown to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. Crowns can make your teeth look brand new and strengthen them so you can use them like natural teeth. Typically, crowns take several weeks to complete. However, you can now get crowns on the same day. Same-day crowns are similar to traditional crowns but the technology allows the creation of the crown in a matter of hours instead of days. There are many benefits to getting a same-day crown. Here are some examples:

You Have Your New Teeth in One Day

The most crucial benefit of a same-day crown is the speed at which your tooth is restored. Traditionally, you would go to the dentist where they would assess the damaged tooth to determine how to proceed with a crown. You would need to be fitted for the crown, the decay or damage would be removed, and you would have to be fitted for a temporary crown while your permanent crown is created in a lab. With a same-day crown, you do not need to go through the preparation process. The dentist will do everything in one day while your crown is created in their in-house lab. This allows you to only have one dental visit instead of multiple visits for a new crown.

Same-Day Crowns Are High in Quality

You might have a misperception that a same-day crown is not as good in quality as a traditional crown. The truth is a same-day crown is made from the same material that a typical crown is. A same-day crown is not the same as a temporary crown. Temporary crowns are not as high in quality and are not meant to last more than a few weeks.

Your Crown Will Fit in Your Mouth Perfectly

Unlike a temporary crown, you will get a same-day crown that precisely fits into your mouth. The crown will match your other teeth and can be adjusted to fit your bite.

You Do Not Have to Go Through a Traditional Impression Process

Another benefit of same-day crowns is the fact that you do not have to have impressions like traditional crowns. The impression process can be unpleasant for some people. Instead of using dental putty to get impressions, the impression is done using digital technology. The digital process is fast and very accurate, making the process much more pleasant.

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