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Why Should You Get A Dental Deep Cleaning?

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At some point in your life, your family dentist may recommend that you get a dental deep clean. A deep clean can provide more heavy-duty cleaning than your typical dental cleaning so that it can reach into the gums to remove debris. Has your dentist recommended that you get a deep cleaning? Here's why you should consider it.

Deep Cleanings Are More Intensive

First, you should understand what a deep cleaning entails. Not only does it remove the plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth, but it can also reduce the inflammation of your gums and prevent gum disease. It does this by cleaning into the gum line and not just on the parts of the teeth that can be seen.

Deep Cleanings Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is very common, but a deep dental cleaning can provide you with preventative measures. The cleaning helps clear out the pockets that form under the teeth that allow bacteria to build up. When the dentist cleans out the pockets, bacteria stops causing inflammation.

When you get rid of gum disease, you also eliminate a variety of other issues that go with it. These include problems like bad breath. Bad breath comes from bacteria in the mouth, but a deep cleaning gets rid of the bacteria lurking in the hidden pockets of the mouth.

Deep Cleanings Treat Infection

Are you also dealing with a serious dental infection? A deep cleaning can eliminate the infection and allow your teeth and gums to heal properly without allowing the infection to spread.

A deep cleaning does more than prevent infection from worsening. It also protects the roots of your teeth from these infections. When the roots of your teeth become infected, the pain can increase significantly. You may even need more dental work, including root canals.

Deep Cleanings Prevent Cavities

Just like regular dental cleanings prevent cavities, so do deep cleanings. Deep cleanings also clean the rest of the teeth so that you can clear away the plaque that bacteria likes to feed on. This prevents the development of cavities that lead to fillings and other dental work.

Make a Cleaning Appointment Today

A dental cleaning appointment can help you get a bright smile back. A family dentist can help you clean your gum line so that you can prevent gum disease and the pain that comes with it. Make a dental appointment today to schedule your deep cleaning.