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How To Get Dental Implants At The Same Time As Porcelain Veneers

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A smile makeover often requires that you combine two or more different types of dental treatment. For instance, you can combine dental implants with porcelain veneers. Although the process is different, you can have both treatments done at the same time to create a beautiful smile that fills you with confidence.

If you are thinking of getting both dental implants and porcelain veneers to improve your smile, you can do so in the following ways.

Find a dentist that has an in-house ceramist

To create porcelain restorations like dental crowns and veneers, dentists work hand in hand with ceramists. The ceramist is responsible for creating porcelain restorations that match the shade and size of your natural teeth. To do that, your dentist will work closely with them, guiding them to ensure that they create restorations that work with your mouth.

But creating crowns and veneers can be a complicated process. The two need to match in every way. As such, if you want your veneers placed along with your dental implants, then try to find a dentist that has an in-house ceramist. This will allow the dentist to work closely with the ceramist to get the results you want.

Have your implants placed first

The best approach is to place the dental implants first and then allow them to heal. The healing period takes several months to complete. And once healed, the dentist then places the dental crowns onto the implants to complete the treatment. Once your implants have fully healed, you can have both the dental crowns and the veneers placed at the same time.

Have your porcelain veneers and implant crown prepared at the same time

To ensure that your porcelain crowns and your porcelain veneers match in every way, have your dentist prepare them both at the same time. Working closely with their ceramist, your dentist will be able to ensure that the porcelain veneer shells match the porcelain crowns in shade, size, and shape.

And once placed, your dental implant crown and the surrounding porcelain veneers should all blend into your smile seamlessly. Before you begin your treatment, ask your dentist if they have dealt with any similar cases, and ask to see pictures of the results. This will ensure that you choose the right dentist to place your implants, crowns, and veneers.

You can have veneers and dental implants placed together. But to ensure that your porcelain crowns and veneers match, your dentist will likely wait for your dental implants to heal first before placing the crowns and veneers together.