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Need A New Dentist That Is Kid Friendly? Look For These 4 Things

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Taking care of your kid's teeth with semi-annual dental appointments are just as important as taking care of your own teeth. However, the dentist that you use for yourself may not be the best fit for your child. If you are going to start the search for a new family dentist, it will help to look for the following things.

Kid Friendly Waiting Room

The first thing you should look for is the first thing you'll do when you go to the dentist, wait in their waiting room. Take a look around and see if the waiting room is kid friendly. Is there an area with toys for a child to play with, kids friendly reading material, or a television with kids friendly programming? If so, this can make the wait easier as your child has something to do other than think about the dentist.

Kid Friendly Exam Rooms

Once your kid is called back for their appointment, it's important that the exam room is just as welcoming to them. Some dental offices will have the ceiling decorated with things that a child can look at while they are sitting back in the dental chair, while others do not. Even something as simple as this can make an appointment feel fun while at the family dentist.

It is also not unheard of to have a TV that the child can watch during the dental exam. It can help a kid zone out while they watch a cartoon, which is perfect to help them remain as still as possible.

Kid Friendly Dental Chairs

Another consideration is what kind of chair the dentist uses for children's visits. Do they try to use an adult chair that may be a bit big and awkward, or are there special kids sized chairs that are going to be much more comfortable for them during the visit. Smaller kids sized dental chairs do exist, which can help make the entire process more enjoyable.

Kid Friendly Cleaning Flavors

One nice perk that dentist provide for children is allowing them to pick the flavor of the cleaning material used on their teeth. Your kid may look forward to picking a crazy flavor like bubble gum, rather than being forced to use mint. You may be surprised at the various flavors that your dentist can offer during a cleaning, but they must have them in stock in order to make that offer.