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Reasons To Take A Young Child To The Dentist

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If you have a small child, you may wonder if regularly taking the little one to the dentist is actually necessary. After all, kids attend multiple medical appointments with a pediatrician to help ensure that they remain healthy. Nevertheless, many dental health issues are not addressed during a pediatric medical visit. Here are a few reasons that you be sure to take your child to a dentist regularly.

Bite Problems and Misalignments Can Be Caught Early

Signs of bite problems and dental misalignments often appear early in a child's oral development. For many youngsters, the alignment issues may stem from unhealthy childhood habits. Children who regularly use a pacifier or suck a thumb after their teeth present may cause changes in the structure of their palates or the positioning of their teeth.

A pacifier or thumb can place pressure on the upper palate, eventually narrowing it. This change in the structure of the jaw can result in a crossbite. When a crossbite is present, the dentist finds that the side teeth of the upper jaw do not meet those of the lower palate when the child closes their mouth.

Additionally, the thumb or pacifier may force the front teeth of the upper palate forward, causing an overbite. Other bite problems, such as underbites often develop due to the natural structure of a child's jaws. Still, regardless of the reason for the bite problems, the dentist can recommend the best treatment options to correct the issues before further problems, such as speech impediments, poor mastication, and dental decay occur or worsen. 

Decay Can Be Treated Early

Dental decay can have a significant impact on a child's oral health. When the decay is severe, it can spread to the adult teeth that still lie beneath the surface of the gums. Babies or toddlers who suck a bottle, especially during bedtime or naptime, can suffer from a type of decay called baby bottle syndrome. Children with baby bottle syndrome suffer from decay that is so severe that even the front surfaces of the teeth become severely discolored.

The decay occurs due to the constant bathing of the teeth in the sugary contents of the baby bottle. Even seemingly healthy liquids, such as milk, can be problematic, since they may still contain large amounts of natural sugar. If your child has not had their first dental appointment, contact the office of a dentist in your local area to schedule an appointment.

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