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FAQ's About Dental Veneers

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Having a perfect, Instagram-worthy smile isn't something that most people have naturally. In fact, it's usually something that takes a little more work. Luckily, with cosmetic dentistry options like dental veneers, you can get a smile that will make virtually any Instagram filter feel jealous and maybe even help you catch some more followers in the process. How can you tell whether or not dental veneers are the right thing for you? This article will take a closer look at dental veneers and answer some frequently asked questions. 

What Are Dental Veneers?

For starters, you may be wondering what dental veneers actually are. Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain and are used to help correct a variety of different oral issues. By sanding down your existing teeth, your dentist will then be able to place the thin porcelain dental veneer over the top of your existing teeth to make them look better than ever. 

What Are They Used For?

One thing to know about dental veneers is that they are primarily cosmetic. Although they can be used to fix dental concerns and issues like chipped and cracked teeth, they are primarily used to help change things like the size, shape, and color of your teeth. Basically, when it comes to wanting the exact teeth you have always wanted, veneers are the perfect way to do so. For instance, if you have small, yellow teeth, dental veneers can help give you larger, whiter teeth. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers? 

During your initial consultation with your dental professional, they will conduct a brief oral examination to see whether or not you are a good candidate for dental veneers. Most people who are suitable for this type of oral procedure have good oral health, including healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, patients are usually encouraged to not smoke before their veneer procedure. 

Are They Durable?

Yes, for the most part dental veneers are fairly durable. However, if you have dental veneers it doesn't mean that you can use them as a tool to do things like open beer bottles or tear off clothing tags.  

How Do You Take Care of Veneers?

Although dental veneers are made from porcelain, it's still important that you take care of them just like you would your natural teeth. For instance, make sure that you are brushing your teeth (and veneers) at least twice a day and that you get them professionally cleaned at least twice a year. 

To learn more about dental veneers and whether or not they're the right thing for you, contact a dental professional near you.