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Just Get Veneers? 2 Care Tips You Need To Follow

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Did you just get veneers placed on your teeth to hide a cosmetic problem that you have been bothered by? If so, you'll want these veneers to last as long as possible. Caring for veneers is very similar to caring for natural teeth, but there are some things you should pay special attention to. Here are some tips to help care for your veneers.

1. Prevent New Stains From Forming

The material used to create your veneers is most likely made with porcelain composite. This material looks very realistic, but it can become stained just like normal tooth enamel. All things that are prone to make natural teeth stained can make your veneers become stained as well.

Try to stay away from drinking dark beverages that are known to cause stains, such as sodas, tea, coffee, and red wine. These are all problematic if you sip them and let the beverage wash over the veneers, but using a straw will prevent that from happening.

Also, smoking is a known habit that can easily cause stains to form on the veneers. Consider giving up smoking, using a nicotine patch, or switching to an electronic cigarette that won't have the teeth staining consequences.

2. Watch How and What Your Chew

Those new dental veneers are going to feel like you do not even have them on your teeth, which can make them more likely to be damaged. The material is bonded directly to the teeth and uses an incredibly strong cement to keep them in place. The veneers won't last forever, but you can expect between 10-20 years before you need to have them replaced.

That said, some actions can shorten the lifespan of dental veneers and cause the need for premature replacement. If you are chewing food that is very hard, such as raw carrots, be sure to bite down on the musing your rear molars rather than the front teeth. Break the habit of biting down on ice cubes, which is known to damage regular enamel as well.

Of course, stay away from chewing on pen caps, pencils, or any other item that shouldn't go in your mouth. Chewing on these things can be something you do subconsciously, so try to stop yourself if you ever catch yourself doing it.

Looking for more care tips for your brand new dental veneers? Reach out to your dentist to see what advice they have on porcelain veneers.