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Your Questions Answered About Dental Crowns

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Do you hide your teeth because the ones in the front of your mouth are chipped, stained, and uneven? Have you noticed that people mistakenly believe that you are being unfriendly due to not smiling? You can actually stop dealing with such a problem by looking into getting your teeth repaired via cosmetic dentistry. There is a procedure that involves dental crowns being placed on damaged teeth to create a look that will give you satisfactory results. This article has answers to important questions that might come to your mind in regards to getting dental crowns to repair your front teeth.

What is the Ideal Material for Dental Crowns?

There are several types of materials to choose between for dental crowns. If you are looking for you teeth to look as appealing as possible, opting for ceramic crowns is the best decision. The reason why is because the ceramic crowns are completely made of a porcelain based material, which means that they will look very natural. Another perk of ceramic crowns is that they are one of the whitest types that you can get for your teeth. Other dental crown materials to choose between includes, metal alloys, porcelain over metal, and gold alloys.

Is It Possible for Dental Crowns to Fall Off?

Although it is possible for dental crowns to fall off, they can remain in place for a lifetime with the proper care. The method that is used for placing the crowns on your teeth makes it difficult for them to fall off. For instance, cement will be used for securing the crowns to your natural teeth. Once the cement hardens, it is usually only possible to remove the crowns with help from a dentist. Keep in mind that when the dentist prepares your teeth for the crowns, they will have to be reduced in size by some of the enamel being removed.

Does Chewing Food with Dental Crowns Feel Strange?

If you opt for ceramic dental crowns, they will not only look natural, but will feel that way as well. You will not have to worry about it feeling strange while food is being chewed. The reason why is because you will still have your natural teeth, only they will be filed down and have crowns on them. You should be able to eat anything that you desire just as you do with your natural teeth. Keep in mind that you will also not have to be fearful that chewing will cause the crowns to break or get damaged in some other way.

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