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Why You Should Go Easy On Physical Exercise After Dental Implant Placement

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As a fitness buff, you probably find it difficult to take days off your regular exercise regime. However, you still need to heed your dentist's advice of avoiding strenuous physical activity following your dental implant treatment. Here are the specific reasons serious physical activities can hurt you at this time:

Increased Swelling

It is normal to experience a certain level of swelling in the area around your dental implant in the days after the surgery, but strenuous physical activities will increase the swelling. The swelling in itself isn't too bad, but it signifies that something is wrong with your tissues. The swollen area may also be tender and painful, making it difficult for you to eat, speak or brush your teeth.

Prolonged Bleeding

In addition to prolonged swelling, engaging in strenuous exercises soon after getting a dental implant will also prolong your bleeding. Again, minimal bleeding is to be expected after dental surgery; after all, the implant process involves damage to both soft and bone tissues. The bleeding normally goes away after a few days, but it may take longer than that to stop if you are engaged in serious physical activities. You don't want to walk around with blood in your mouth all the time, do you?

Prolonged Pain

The level of discomfort you will feel during the actual insertion of the implant is minimal because you will be sedated. It is the days following the treatment that the pain may increase (your dentist may prescribe medication to help you deal with the pain). Again, the pain should subside with time, but it may take longer than the dentist indicated if you are engaged in grueling physical exercise.

Impaired Nutrition

Eating with a painful, swollen, and bloody mouth isn't easy. Unfortunately, that is the condition your mouth will be in if you engage in physical exercises soon after your dental implant treatment. This will affect your nutrition because you may find yourself focusing more on soft or liquid foods (or even avoiding food), which may not be nutritious. Unfortunately, you need proper nutrition anytime your body is healing.

Delayed Osseointegration

Osseointegration is the process through which your dental implant (an artificial material) connects or attaches to your natural bone. Proper osseointegration is necessary for your implant to function as well as your natural teeth. Unfortunately, stressing your body before the process is complete will delay the osseointegration process.

Most of the discomforts associated with your dental implant should go off after a few days; although the actual healing will take longer than that. Talk to your dentist if you are still having problems long after the timeline they gave you. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.