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Helping Your Child Embrace Proper Brushing

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If your child hates to brush twice a day, you may struggle to get him or her to practice effective dental hygiene. Some parents simply warn their child of the potential for rotting teeth. However, a warning may not be enough for many youngsters. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to help your child embrace proper brushing. Here are a few of them:

Buy a New Toothbrush

Kids often love new things. A new toothbrush will likely be treasured over its older counterpart, especially if the brush is adorned with a favorite superhero or another beloved character. 

Nowadays, kids' toothbrushes are available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Once you've matched a brush to your child's personal style, be sure to match the size of the toothbrush to that of your child's hand and mouth. 

Toothbrushes that have a small head size are ideal for kids with small mouths. In fact, a brush head that is too large can seem bulky and cumbersome in a child's small mouth. In order to encourage regular brushing, it's important for the child to feel comfortable during brushing sessions. 

The handle of the toothbrush should also match the size of your child's hand. Handles that are too long can slip, causing your child to inadvertently injure the soft tissues of his or her mouth. 

Additionally, consider the structure of the handle. Handles with a soft grip or contoured molding may be easier for a youngster with limited dexterity to use.

Offer Treats for Cavity-free Dental Visits

Kids are motivated by rewards. After your child's regularly scheduled dental visits, offer the youngster a treat if the dentist finds no cavities. Since the visits normally occur only twice a year, it can be fun to make the reward something special, such as a day at the amusement park or a toy that your child has been wishing for.

Be sure to remind your child of the reward before brushing sessions. This not only helps your child understand the connection between brushing and fewer cavities, but it also motivates the little one to brush more carefully and diligently. 

To make proper brushing even more enticing, you can offer a bigger prize for consecutive cavity-free visits. This can encourage your child to stay on the cavity-free winning streak. The youngster may even develop a sense of pride about his or her brushing ability. 

For more ways to help your youngster embrace proper brushing, schedule a consultation with a family dentist in your local area. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.