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3 Ways To Prevent Abrasion To Your Teeth

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Dental abrasion is something that refers to the process of the outer layer of your teeth wearing away, and this is something that will lead to a variety of different problems with your teeth. While minor abrasion is normal as you age, there are ways to slow down this process and almost avoid it completely. Here are three ways you can prevent abrasion from damaging your teeth.

Brush your teeth properly

The first step is to learn how to properly brush your teeth, because poor brushing habits is one of the most common causes of dental abrasion. The first thing to know is that using a soft-bristled toothbrush is the best option. It may seem like a soft-bristled brush is not cleaning your teeth enough, but it will sufficiently clean your teeth without damaging them. Hard-bristled brushes can cause more harm than good.

Aggressive brushing with any type of toothbrush can also do a lot of harm. When you brush, do not use too much force. You can use a moderate level of pressure, but using too much force will damage your teeth.

Avoid biting on hard things often

Certain types of habits that involve biting on things can also increase your chances of causing abrasion to your teeth. This can include chewing on toothpicks or your fingernails, but it can also include chewing on any other types of objects that are hard. If you do this occasionally, you have nothing to worry about. It is when a habit is daily that abrasion is more likely to occur.

Treat your teeth-grinding problem

If you grind your teeth, you should seek help for this problem. Not only is this a major cause of teeth abrasion, but it can also cause other types of problems. When you grind your teeth while sleeping, you may not even know you are doing this, but the damage is being done whether you are aware of this habit or not.

The constant rubbing of your teeth together will cause the enamel to wear off eventually. A dentist can create a mouth guard for you to wear while you sleep, and this will protect your teeth. It will also protect your jaw, which can get sore and inflamed from grinding your teeth. This can eventually lead to jaw problems if left unaddressed.

If you would like to find out how you can protect your teeth and keep them healthier, schedule a visit with a dentist, like Treasured Smiles Dentistry, for an examination and cleaning.