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Get A White Smile When Regular Teeth Whitening Solutions Won't Work

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If your teeth are stained, then you have several options for whitening them. You can use an over the counter whitening remedy, go to the dentist for a bleaching treatment, or have the dentist whiten your teeth with laser treatment. However, sometimes teeth are discolored for reasons other than staining, and this means traditional treatments won't work. Learn about some treatments you may be able to use if this is the case with your teeth:

Removable dental veneers

If you aren't ready to go with a permanent solution to get the white teeth you want, there is a temporary and non-invasive option available to you. Removable dental veneers are a good option because they don't require your teeth to be prepared in a manner that can compromise their integrity.

The removable veneers will be made to fit over your teeth in a dental lab, where they will use an impression of your mouth to build them on. They look like a full set of natural teeth and have the color and shade you would like for your teeth. You'll put them in when you want a white smile and take them out when you want and for sleeping. If you are missing one of your teeth, they will also work as dentures would by giving you a replacement tooth.


If you have discolored teeth that are also damaged, are weak or have a degenerative condition, then the dentist may suggest putting crowns on your teeth. The crowns will give you a set of strong teeth that are the color and shade of your choice.

The crowns will be made on an impression of your teeth at the dental lab, just as the removable dentures would be. The dentist will need to prepare your teeth by grinding them down enough so the crowns and bonding agent will fit. Once the crowns come in, they will be cemented in place and give you a permanent set of whiter teeth, with no more maintenance then your natural teeth need.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are shells that go on your teeth, and they can be made in the color of your choosing. They are made of porcelain and will only cover the fronts of your teeth. They are also often used to change the color of a person's smile. The dentist will prepare your teeth by using an etching agent to rough up the surface and then a dental adhesive to permanently attach them to your teeth.

The options above can all help give you the smile you have been wanting when you aren't a good candidate for regular whitening methods. Contact a professional like Dr. Paul Goodman for more details.