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What To Do When Your Tooth Is Knocked Out

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Going to the dentist is usually something that is planned well in advance, but there may be times that you have a dental problem that just can't wait until the next business day. The dental pain from a knocked out tooth can be brutal, and it is certainly hard to think straight when you're in that kind of pain. This pain can make it a challenge to determine what you should do. The bottom line: A knocked out tooth is a dental emergency. Keep reading to learn what to do when your tooth is knocked out.

Getting to the 24 Hour Dentist

When your tooth is dislodged, for example if you are in a collision that results in your tooth being knocked out, you should proceed to the nearest 24 hour dentist immediately. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry states that you should make every effort to see a dentist within half an hour of the tooth being knocked out to have the best chance of saving it.

Handling the Tooth

Retrieve the tooth if it has landed somewhere outside your mouth. Make sure you have clean hands when you pick it up, and handle it only by the crown. Avoid touching the roots at all. If the roots of the tooth are dirty, you can rinse the tooth in clear water.

Replacing the Tooth

If you can reinsert the tooth into the socket, the odds that your emergency dentist can save it are higher. Holding the crown of the tooth, gently guide it into position. Don't force it, or push the tooth at all. It simply needs to be placed in the right area to help preserve it until the dentist can work on it.

Preserving the Tooth

In the event that you can't put the tooth back in the socket, it is still important to try to preserve it until you reach the dentist. Don't let the tooth dry out. You can put it in a glass of milk to safely preserve it until you get to the emergency dentist. Alternatively, you can place the tooth in your mouth, for example in the pocket of your cheek, to keep it moist and to protect it. The glass of milk is the preferable preservation method, since you could accidentally swallow a loose tooth in your mouth.

Your 24 hour dentist is your best resource when your tooth is knocked out. As long as you react properly immediately after the tooth is knocked loose, your dentist will be able to do their very best to save your tooth. For more information, contact a local dental clinic like Hernandez Dental.