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Keeping Your Transparent Aligners Transparent: Stained Invisalign Trays

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Is a stained or discolored Invisalign tray a problem? Your self-confidence might be affected by this obvious new feature of your smile (since yellow and brown discoloration can be quite prominent). Depending on what stained your trays, your treatment may be affected, even though this is not likely. So what do you need to know about stained and discolored Invisalign trays? 

Beverages and Staining

Your orthodontist will recommend that you should only be drinking water while wearing your trays—and they're not being too cautious. Tea, coffee, red wine, juice, soda, and many other beverages are all capable of staining your Invisalign trays. Hot beverages could be especially hazardous. Not only could they stain your trays, but the heat may warp them.

Beverages and Warping

You'll know if a tray is warped because you'll have difficulty removing it from your teeth. If a tray becomes stuck, be careful that you don't damage your teeth and gums while attempting to remove it. If it really won't budge, contact your orthodontist. While an encounter with a hot beverage can both stain and warp a tray, in all likelihood your biggest problem will only be the stained appearance of your trays. Fortunately, this problem is only cosmetic.

Stained Trays

Facing the world with an obviously stained aligner tray can understandably affect your self-confidence. Invisalign trays are called invisible braces, but they're obviously visible when they're stained. Under no circumstances should you stop wearing the tray. This will halt your treatment, and a partial relapse could begin. Get in touch with your orthodontist for advice. The next step depends on how much longer you're supposed to wear the tray in question. Each tray should be worn for one to two weeks before it's replaced.

Skipping Ahead (With Permission)

If you're just days away from changing to the next tray in the series, your orthodontist may tell you it's safe to skip ahead and start wearing the new tray slightly earlier. It may feel uncomfortably tight for a brief period because it's being worn ahead of schedule, but this sensation will pass. If you only just started wearing a new tray when it became stained, you may have to live with the discoloration for a period, and your orthodontist will tell you the earliest possible day when you can advance to the next tray.

Stained Invisalign trays can easily be avoided, and you should do your best to keep your transparent aligners transparent.

Reach out to an Invisalign provider to learn more.