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A Dental Cleaning Play By Play

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Dental cleaning is an important part of oral healthcare. It is a preventative measure that helps to remove tartar, plaque, and surface stains from your teeth while also allowing your dentist to stay abreast of changes in your mouth. A professional dental cleaning usually takes about an hour. Here is what you can expect during your next dental cleaning appointment.

Medical History

The cleaning will begin with a review of your medical history. The hygienist will ask about any medications you are taking and any medical conditions you may have that could impact your oral health. Use this opportunity to mention any problems you have been dealing with or to ask any questions about the cleaning process.


Next, you will have x-rays taken of your teeth and gums. These x-rays give your dentist a clear view of any potential issues you may have, such as gum disease or cavities. Your insurance company typically allows x-rays to be taken just once a year.


Next, the hygienist will use a small mirror to examine all surfaces of your teeth, checking for any areas of concern. They will also use a tool called a scaler to remove any tartar or plaque buildup on your teeth. You may feel some pressure during this part of the cleaning, but it should not be painful.


Once all the tartar and plaque have been removed, the hygienist will polish your teeth with a special rotating toothbrush and toothpaste. This helps to remove any surface stains and leaves your teeth feeling clean and smooth.


While most people assume that fluoride treatments are just for children, they can also be used on adult teeth. In fact, the simple fluoride treatment is applied to the teeth to prevent cavities and tooth decay and to protect teeth between cleanings.

Oral Exam

After your cleaning is complete, your dentist will come into the room and perform an oral exam. They are looking for cavities, abnormal growths, unhealed wounds, oral cancer, and other health issues. This is an important part of your oral healthcare, as it allows your dentist to stay on top of any potential problems and provide you with the best possible oral healthcare. Your oral exam is a good opportunity for you to ask questions or discuss any concerns you may have about your oral health.

Your dental cleaning should make you feel confident in your oral health and be well on your way to achieving a bright, healthy smile. You are encouraged to schedule regular dental cleaning appointments to maintain optimal oral health. Whether you are undergoing your first dental cleaning or you have not been in a few years, take care of your teeth.