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2 Reasons To Discuss Dental Implants With Your Dentist

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One of the most important resources at your disposal, if you are losing any of your teeth, is dental implants, mostly because of the fact that they can help eliminate or slow down many of the issues that losing your teeth can cause. Listed below are two reasons to discuss dental implants with your dentist.

Prevent Further Degradation Of Your Teeth

One of the biggest reasons to discuss dental implants with your dentist is to prevent more damage to your teeth as a result of losing teeth. One of the things that can happen when you lose teeth is that the neighboring teeth have to basically step up and take on a portion of the workload when it comes to chewing. As a result, those teeth can get worn down and damaged much more quickly than they would normally, which will, in turn, result in either of those teeth being lost or you having to undergo more frequent and expensive dental procedures.

Another way that dental implants can prevent further damage to your teeth is that they will fill the gaps left behind by your lost teeth. If those gaps are not filled, the neighboring teeth will often begin shifting into that empty space, which can both weaken your teeth and result in quite a few crooked teeth.

Prevent Changes To Your Facial Structure

Another reason to discuss dental implants with your dentist is that dental implants can minimize the changes to your facial structure that come about when you lose teeth. The reason that your teeth have an effect on your facial structure is that, as you chew, the vibrations and movement caused by the chewing will actually run down the tooth and into your jawbone, which provides stimulation.

Without that stimulation, the jawbone is not really able to repair or maintain itself, which causes the jawbone to degrade and change your facial structure as you lose more and more teeth. However, once a dental implant is in place, the act of chewing with that dental implant will provide the same stimulation that your natural teeth would, which means that your jawbone will have the stimulation to stop the changes to your facial structure and possibly even reverse them over time.

Make an appointment with your dentist today in order to discuss the various benefits that dental implants may be able to provide you with and whether or not they would be a good solution to your dental issues. Dental implants are a great option that can help prevent further degradation of your teeth and changes to your facial structure.