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The Advantages Of Getting Dental Crowns

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When you have one or more teeth that are badly damaged or decayed, this creates a negative impact on your self esteem as well as leads to other health problems. Fortunately, there are ways to correct this type of dental problem so the teeth are in better condition. One way to improve decayed or damaged teeth is by having dental crowns applied to them by a dentist. The following are some of the many benefits one receives when getting dental crowns.

Restoring The Teeth 

When crowns are applied to natural teeth that are decayed or damaged, this restores those teeth to a more attractive appearance. Cracked or chipped teeth now look as if no damage has ever occurred. Existing cavities can be drilled away, and when they tooth is covered by the crown, there is no longer a visible cavity.

Protecting The Teeth 

Dental crowns completely enclose the natural tooth. Therefore, you can eat and chew normally and never worry about cracking or chipping a tooth more severely. Crowns help strengthen the natural teeth by covering them with a layer of protective material so they do not come in contact with the other teeth when chewing or biting. 

Dental crowns also prevent further decay from occurring as well. Once the cavity has been removed and the crown is in place, the natural tooth is not affected by any bacteria that may have caused the decay to develop.

Filling In Spaces Between The Teeth 

If there are areas where large spaces exist between some of the teeth, dental crowns can also fix this problem as well. Crowns can be attached over natural teeth that are wider so the space in between the teeth is reduced. This immediately improves the appearance of the smile and makes the teeth look straighter and more evenly spaced.

Having Long Lasting And Easy Dental Care 

Dental crowns are made to be strong and durable. They can last for many years with regular dental care. Dental crowns can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth, which helps keep them white and clean.

Dental crowns can be made of a variety of different materials depending on what the patient prefers. Among these are porcelain, ceramic, gold, and other metals that are fused to a porcelain shell. However, all-porcelain and all-ceramic dental crowns are most popular because they look most like the natural teeth. Wearing ceramic or porcelain crowns makes it difficult to determine with the naked eye which teeth are natural and which teeth have crowns.