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3 Ways Orthodontists Use An Orthodontics 3D Printer

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There are so many amazing pieces of technology that are used by orthodontists. One excellent piece of equipment that is very technologically advanced is the orthodontic 3D printer. This article will discuss 3 ways that orthodontists are now using orthodontics 3D printers in their practices. 

To Create Molds For Metal Braces 

When you initially go into the orthodontist to get your braces on, the first step is going to be to take some molds of your teeth. While this used to be done by hand using a metal tray and alginate impression material, it can now be done much more easily by using an orthodontics 3D printer. Images are taken of your teeth and then the printer uses a CAD file to convert the digital images into 3D molds of your teeth. These molds will be looked over by your orthodontist, and a plan will be created for moving your teeth into place. This then allows the orthodontist to create the shape for your wires and brackets so that they can be placed in your mouth and begin moving your teeth into alignment.

To Create Molds For Invisalign Braces

If you choose to get Invisalign braces, rather than the traditional metal braces with brackets, your orthodontist will use the orthodontics 3D printer to create all of your Invisalign braces. Just as with normal braces, the molds will be taken of your teeth initially. At this point the molds will then be sent off to the lab so that the Invisalign braces can be created. As your teeth move, new molds will then be created using the 3D printer and will once again be sent off to create another set of Invisalign braces. This will continually be done until your teeth have moved into the proper position and you and your orthodontist are happy with the results. 

To Make Molds For Retainers Once The Braces Are Taken Off

Once your braces are taken off, it is crucial that you have retainers made for them right away. This will stop your teeth from moving out of place when the braces aren't there any longer to keep them there. Your retainers will also be made using the orthodontics 3D printer. This is great because the molds can be made much faster since the pictures on the CAD file can be created into molds right away, which can then be sent off to create your retainers. 

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