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Dental Tattoo | A Parent's Guide to Information

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If there is one thing that is certain about being a parent to a self-expressing teenager, it is that they can come up with some creative ways to show off their individuality. Unfortunately, not every form of self-expressions is a wise choice, and dental tattoos may be one thing that causes you some concern. Before your teen even asks about the possibility of getting a dental tattoo, it is highly likely that you will have some questions of your own about this popular modern dental modification trend.

What exactly is a dental tattoo?

dental tattoo is actually a type of crown or fitted resin material that covers an existing tooth. The surface of the fitting is embellished with a printed image, such as a symbol, word, or character, which can sound very alluring to young adults looking to make a statement with their smile. These dental tattoos are commonly placed over a tooth either located at the side or bottom of the smile, but are sometimes also worn directly on front incisors.

Is a dental tattoo a permanent thing?

A dental tattoo is usually a permanent thing if it is professionally applied. Installing a crown involves using a bonding agent to adhere the new material to an existing tooth, and this process usually involves grinding away some of the natural enamel to allow proper adhesion. Therefore, if the crown is removed, the tooth will still have to be covered by a new crown or removed completely if it is damaged beyond repair.

What is the best way to educate your teen about the downfalls of dental tattoos?

Even though permanent damage to a tooth should be enough to convince you that dental tattoos aren't a good idea, young adults often have a difficult time understanding the possible long-term consequences of their actions. If you are really having a difficult time swaying their decision, schedule an appointment with your family dentist for your teen to make a quick visit. Make sure you let the dentist know the reason for the visit so that he or she can dissuade your teen from getting a dental tattoo using medical reasons.

The more prepared you are as a parent for your teen to come home asking permission to show off their sense of style, the better off you will be, especially when it comes to something as permanent as dental tattoos. For more information, talk to your family dentist about your teenager's desire to have their favorite designs and symbols attached to their smile or click here.