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Studies Show Evidence Linking Carotid Artery Disease To Oral Infections

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Evidence has been found to support the theory of bad teeth having an impact on the cardiovascular system. The link between cardiovascular problems and infected teeth has become the focus of much research in the past couple of decades, particularly about carotid artery conditions caused by oral infection. If you have a tooth giving you trouble, having it taken care of is important to protect your cardiovascular system. Learn more about the carotid artery and some of the symptoms that are warning signs to seek medical attention.

The Carotid Artery Can Impact Brain Functioning

The carotid artery is directly responsible for carrying oxygenated blood to your brain. People suffering with infected teeth have been found to have higher incidents of a cardiovascular condition called atherosclerosis, a condition describing the dangerous buildup of plaque on the interior walls of veins and arteries. When the carotid artery becomes compromised due to plaque buildup, the blood flow it is responsible for also becomes compromised, a serious side-effect for brain functioning.

What Are The Symptoms Of Carotid Artery Plaque Buildup?

Mild pain and stiffness in the side of your neck is one of the most common early symptoms of a carotid artery compromised by plaque buildup. If you also have infected teeth on the same side, getting them out is vital to lowering your risk of worsening carotid symptoms, some being as serious as stroke or heart attack. Other symptoms of carotid artery issues are the same as those for a transient ischemic stroke, also referred to as a TIA:

  • Sudden dizziness

  • Loss of speech

  • Paralysis on one side

  • Sudden vision loss

If you experience any of these symptoms, getting medical attention as soon as possible is vital whether you have a bad tooth or not.

The Poison Is There Even When The Pain Is Not

Maybe your infected tooth only bothers you every now and then, the reason you can easily put off having it taken out. If you have been dealing with the pain of an infected tooth, you might also mistakenly take pain reaching into your neck being caused by your bad tooth. However, the bacteria that comes from an infected tooth is constantly invading your body, even when the tooth it is coming from is not hurting.

Many people are fearful of visiting their dentist. If you are one of these people, you should know that while dental phobia is real and hard to overcome, doing so may be necessary for avoiding serious health problems. Talk with professionals at places like Naas Family Dentistry for more reasons to conquer your dental phobia.